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Our Services

Grow into Highly Performing Company

Our dedicated consultants will help you to define, deploy, and use FOCUS Processes:

  • Flexible

  • Optimized

  • Common

  • Useable

  • Simple


These FOCUS processes will enable your organization to:

  • Meet deadlines

  • Improve the quality of your products

  • Increase employees' productivity

  • Strengthen the synergy between the different groups in your organization

  • Work according to special standards and models

Capability Maturity Model Integration
Scaled Agile
ISO Standards 
& Security Development Life Cycle

Tangram Strategy

Your Needs FIrst - Together we will choose and deploy the right Models, Methods, and Standards that fit your needs
Walk the Talk -  The Process Improvement program will be managed using SAFe's concepts and practices
Incremental Deployment - Deployment will be done incrementally and with minimal disruption to your operation
Build Your Own Capability - Our goal is to help you to build your own ability for  relentless  and continuous improvement 
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