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SAFe® Services

Grow Safely with SAFe®

The Scaled Agile framework for Lean Enterprise (SAFe) is the most popular agile method and the preferred method for scaling Agile. It is used worldwide by large and small organization including most of the Fortune 100 companies.


SAFe is based on lean and agile methods and team development approaches. The essential configuration of SAFe is targeted to teams of teams of 50 to 120 developers. it is scaled up with the Portfolio Configuration and the Large Solutions configuration that include hundreds and thousands of employees. A large enterprise can use all configurations. The SAFe can be scaled down to smaller teams as well.


Unlike waterfall like methods, organizations that use SAFe deliver products that fit their customer's needs and flexible to change due to customer request or market changes within short periods with high quality.

Our experienced consultants provide the following SAFe Transition Services:


Executive Workshop
Organization Mapping
SAFe Transition Planning
Jump Start
Agile Release Trains
 Coaching &
SAFe Events Facilitation
Scaling to Protfolio &
Large Solutions

Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Enterprise (SAFe ) is our preferred Agile method, however, our experienced consultants will help you, if required, with the deployment of:

  • Scrum

  • Kanban

  • Unified Process.

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