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Advanced Agile

Project Management


Agile methods are used worldwide these days to develop small and large scale IT and Multidisciplinary products.

The early Agile Frameworks such as Scrum, Extreme Programming, and Kanban have evolved as a response to the need to address dynamic customer demands, to reduce risks and the pressure for shortening time to market. These frameworks fit a small group of employees who incrementally develop and release the product, using an iterative process that includes planning, execution, and lessons learning.
Frameworks such as SAFE®, LeSS, Nexus have scaled the principles and rules of the early agile frameworks (mainly Scrum) for large organizations that develop large and complex systems and product lines. The various frameworks are based on system and business thinking and organizational development methods.

These scaled frameworks include a comprehensive set of effective and simple methods and tools for:

  • Work planning

  • Effort Estimation

  • Prioritizing tasks

  • Monitoring

  • Lessons learning

  • Decision Making

These usable set of tools and methods supports managers and staff to provide value to customers in a very short time while maximizing resource utilization and applicable for agile environments and can be implemented in traditional environments as well.


This public delivered training or can be delivered at your site customized to meet your specific needs.

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Learning Topics
  • The principles of the agile frameworks

  • Planning in a dynamic environment

  • Methods for effort estimation

  • Prioritization method

  • Agile execution and monitoring

  • Measurements

  • Decision making

  • Lessons learning

  • Portfolio management

  • The manager as a leader

  • Tools for empowering employees

Learning Goals

Introduce the agile principles and methods for project management and how they can be used so that managers and team leaders can easily implement the methods and successfully lead their projects and teams in the competitive world.


  • Project Managers, Program Managers

  • Portfolio Managers, Solution Managers

  • Team Leaders

Target Audiance

No Prerequisite.

Experience in products development is recommended.


  • Two Days, 09:00-17:00

Attendee Benefits
  • Printed workbook​

  • Course certificate of completion

  • 2,270 Shekels + VAT per participant

  • Early bird 1,970 Shekels + VAT per participant - One Month

Call us or Drop us an e-mail for registration or more details

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