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Agile Methods for Executives


Most of the Fortune's 100 companies are using today the agile frameworks to develop their products. These frameworks enable them to deliver value to their customers in the shortest sustainable lead time, respond faster to customer's requests, easily keep tracking with the ever-changing technologies while keeping their employees engaged with high morale.

In this training, you will learn the Agile-Lean principles and how to make it happen in your organization.

Don't stay behind! Join the Agile Revolution! Learn and lead your organization into a higher performance! Get the tools that will help you to achieve your challenging goals!

This public delivered training or can be delivered at your site customized to meet your specific needs.

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Learning Goals

Introduce the agile principles and methods and how they can be deployed so that managers can easily lead the transition to agile development in their organization.


Target Audiance
  • VPs, CxOs

  • R&D Managers

Learning Topics
  • The principles of the agile frameworks

  • Planning for multiple horizons

  • Execution Excellence

  • The role of the manager in agile environemnt

  • Tools for employees empowerment

  • Making it happen


No Prerequisite.

All are welcome to attend the training. 


  • Half day , 09:00-13:00

Attendee Benefits
  • Printed workbook​

  • Course certificate of completion

  • 570 Shekels + VAT per participant

  • Early bird 470 Shekels + VAT per participant - One Month

Call us or Drop us an e-mail for registration or more details

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