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System Engineering


The need for agile system engineering is amplified in today's competitive world. Applying lean thinking and using agile principles may shorten time to market, improve product quality, increase its scalability and ensure delivery of value to the customers in the shortest sustainable lead time.


 Attendees will learn to apply Lean Thinking and use Agile Principles while addressing compliance by:

  • Using roadmaps to lead the development of products

  • Identification and evaluation of epics

  • Specification of customers and product requirements 

  • Architecting scalable and releasable systems using model-based and set based design

  • Identification and management of technical risks and opportunities

  • Incremental and iterative development, integration and release of products


In this mindset changing course, you will develop a new set of skills that are in a high demand worldwide and that will enable you to help your organization to succeed and prosper in the competitive world.

This public delivered training or can be delivered at your site customized to meet your specific needs.

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Learning Topics
  • The concepts of the agile frameworks

  • Agile System Engineering principles

  • Using roadmaps to lead the development

  • Eliciting stakeholders needs

  • Specifying system requirements

  • Splitting epics into features and tasks

  • Architecting for scalability, integrate-ability, and release-ability

  • Managing technical risks and opportunities

  • Working with suppliers

  • Addressing compliance concerns

  • Scaling up to portfolios

  • The System Engineer roles and responsibilities

Learning Goals

At the end of the course, you'll be able to perform the system engineer role while applying agile principles to shorten time to market and increase product quality. 

Target Audiance
  • CTOs

  • System Engineers

  • System Architects

  • Technical team leaders


Experience in development of products

  • Two Days, 09:00-17:00

Attendee Benefits
  • Printed workbook​

  • 2,270 Shekels + VAT per participant

  • Early bird 1,970 Shekels + VAT per participant - One Month

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