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Your High Challanges are our goals. We will work with you to acheive them!
Your Challenges Are Our Goals
Nothing is Too High for Us!

Learn - Deploy Succeed

Tangram Hi-Tech Solutions Ltd. a boutique company, offers all-inclusive process improvement and organizational development services together with our professional partners in Israel, Europe, and the United States.


Our customers include start-ups and large hi-tech firms in the realms of defense, finance, healthcare, communications, and more. We work in synergy with our customers to define and deploy lean organisational structures and effective management and engineering processes.

Tangram is a proud partner of the CMMI Institute.


Tangram provides process improvement, organisational and business development and training services


We provide interactive training to empower managers and employees and people that are looking for a new job at hi-tech companies.



We successfully led projects in start-ups and large and global hi-tech companies in the defence, communication, semi-conductors development and testing, and finance domains


36/13 S"Y Agnon, 

Tel-Aviv, 6936234, Israel,

Tel: +972-522890343

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